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When last did you review your beneficiary nomination?

Sometimes our lives are rollercoaster rides, and things change quicker than we could have ever imagined. When last did you check who you nominated as beneficiaries to receive your retirement fund benefit when you pass away?

Your pension money falls outside of the provisions of your will and must be paid to your dependants. If you don’t have dependants, it will be paid to your nominated beneficiaries.

The trustees of your retirement fund will look at your nomination list when you die to decide who to consider as dependants and potential beneficiaries of your pension money.

How to update your list of nominees

Speak to your financial adviser if you want to find out who your nominees are or to update your list.

You can also log in to your Momentum profile to see your beneficiaries.

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To change your beneficiaries, email us a signed request with your policy or contract number, or contact us at Your beneficiary list will be updated once we have confirmed it in writing.

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